What If Germany had won the war? (Part 1)

I will start with a really common question among WW2 enthusiasts: What would happen if Germany had won the war?


We will divide this text into five parts:

1-European cartography
2-African colonial situation
3-Effects on western society
4-Domestic policy
5-Foreign Policy

European cartography

First of all, we will take a look at this gorgeous map:


During war, Hitler’s foreign policy sought to acquire “Living Space” (lebensraum) for the German Nation, because at that time, it was common to assume that when the greater the territory of a nation is, the more powerful it gets, depending on how you administrate those lands. Today, this belief is commonly held as false (We’ve got many small countries with big economies, such as Japan, France, Germany (:P) and the United Kingdom), but some years ago, Hitler viewed this belief as essential for the survival of a German race. Now we will take a quick analysis of all the countries partially or fully annexed into Germany, or not.

Low countries and France: Hitler viewed Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and North-Eastern France as German lands, not only by the fact that these lands were once part of the Holy Roman Empire (That wasn’t holy, neither roman, and not even an empire, for Zeus’ sake) but he also supported his claim saying that those lands were inhabited by people who share a common ancestry with the German people (Germanic tribes that invaded the Roman Empire). To his eyes, everyone living there was German, period.

Switzerland: After an Invasion, Switzerland would be partitioned this way: The Italian-speaking part would go to Italy (For obvious reasons), while the lands inhabited by the French, Germans and the Romansh would be taken by Germany. Hitler also claimed that the Romansh had ethnic German roots.

Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark (Including Greenland) and Iceland): Hitler planned to invade and annex them all, under the same excuse: they carry German blood in their veins, out of these four countries, Dolfy only invaded Denmark (Because it could guarantee access to the allied troops marching towards Germany, rendering the thousands of kilometers of barriers built along the Atlantic coast useless) and Norway (because it was resource-rich, Hitler needed iron and oil at all costs to sustain his unstoppable war machine). Sweden kept its neutrality, and Iceland was not invaded by Germany only because the allies invaded it first.

Czechoslovakia: it was Germany’s first victim, partitioned with the Allies’ consent in 1938. Back then, he annexed the Sudetenland, which contained a large German population. The Czechoslovak army was well-trained and there were fortifications along the border, but in this conference, everything was thrown into the air. After annexing the Sudetenland, Hitler could study those fortifications, which helped the Nazis to bypass the Maginot line and ultimately conquer Metropolitan France in 1940. Some months after the Munich conference, Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, annexed the Czech part of the country and created a puppet Slovak state in the east.

Poland: I could say that Hitler only annexed Poland because it was on the way… Well, by the pre-WW2 borders, Poland didn’t have a German minority, nor it was part of the HRE (Holy Roman Empire). Nazi Germany invaded not only to get rid of the Polish corridor (A small strip of land separating the cities of Berlin and Königsberg) but also to grab some Living Space to the German people.

Baltic Countries: Many Baltic men volunteered in the Waffen-SS hoping that they could get rid of the Soviet Union and live in a free and independent country once and for all… They had no idea that Hitler’s plans were different. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania would be completely annexed under the excuse that they were historically connected to the Germans (See: Colonization).

Finland: In the middle of this big, red blob, we can see an enlarged Finland, a country that became Hitler’s only ally in the north. Hitler, in exchange for the Äland islands (Which had a Swedish minority), would let Finland have the Russian Karelia and the Kola peninsula. It seems to be a fair deal, isn’t it?

Now for the Soviet Union: We have three fronts in here: The Caucasus, Central Asia and Siberia: The fate of the Caucasus region is uncertain. Hitler suggested that after annexing the entire region, the people living there shall be put into a very rigid type of control, while others offered the Caucasus as a reward for Turkey in case it fights alongside the Axis. In Central Asia, buffer states would be created, although the location of the border is not exactly known. In Siberia, a border would be set up alongside the Yenisei River according to an agreement made with the Japanese. Ultimately, the territories that would be located inside the German borders would be subject to an intense colonization program, including the assimilation of some natives into a German culture, and Slaving and Killing all the other deemed unfit (such as jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and many others). Those german colonists were known as Wehrbauer (Living Wall), they were soldier-peasants that would act as colonists, as well as soldiers defending Germany against the surrounding Slavs in cases of rebellions.